Heidi Isern

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November 2017

Life Happened. So We Delivered in a VW

The plan wasn’t to deliver a baby in the backseat of the car. The plan was to have a calm, low intervention birth at the same hospital we had done our prenatal care. But like many things in our lives, convention didn’t seem to matter…and the outcome was something more amazing than we could have imagined. Homeward Bound, Oct 1st “We need more time…” I told my partner, Gideon. We had

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How to Give ‘Real Time Feedback’ Without Being a Jerk

“Oh, do I have some feedback for YOU,” Donna said. Donna had just been promoted to manager at a beverage firm and felt it was time to wield her managerial power. She was ready to tell her direct report, Jon, how he was messing up in ‘real time’. Jon, you see, had accidentally copied the wrong people on an email chain and also misspelled the word “extemporaneous”. Donna couldn’t wait

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Unplanned pregnancies to poor performance reviews…what we reveal at work

To tell or not to tell….. 3 days before I was slated to sign my new job offer letter I had a positive pregnancy test. Would revealing this early be a wise or just weird? After all, this wasn’t exactly an anticipated pregnancy in a stable marriage (or um, any marriage). And my new job offer wasn’t with a large corporation with pillows of maternity leave, but with a nimble

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