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Tall and Small Tales

(originally published on Medium at @hisern)

Interview with a Surfer

Location:Manhattan Beach Mileage:392 Meal: Corona beer Music: “Wave of Mutilation” by The Pixies Upon hearing I wished to interview a female surfer, a Manhattan Beach bartender called me with a recommendation.  “I know a pro,” he said.  The pro’s name was Jenn and she came to meet me at a local Mexican dive bar straight from bikram yoga class.  Her muscles were still pulsating from her practice. “I gotta do

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Surfing Through Life

Location: Manhattan Beach Mileage: 392 Meal: Fish tacos Music: “Hope” by Jack Johnson     In Manhattan Beach everything supports surfing. Liquor stores provide board rentals, car are sold with surf racks intact, and it’s totally acceptable to plan your business meetings around the tides. I was staying with my friend Ethan, a surfer since age four, who did exactly that. “If I have a break at 3pm why wouldn’t

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Getting Started

Location: San Francisco Mileage: 0 Music: The Kinks “This time tomorrow” Meal: Whatever is left in my fridge Today my Pacific Heights apartment is a war zone, filled with piles of power cords, sensible shoes, non-sensible shoes, atlases, journals and multi flavored packs of beef jerky. Tomorrow I will make all the piles fit tidily in my car to embark across the country, the first step in my adventurous writing

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Why am I doing this?

As modern US women, we have so many options to live life, it is almost paralyzing.   I have am currently living non-traditionally by most standards, but have shape-shifted multiple time flirting with convention and non-convention.  Ten years ago I was on a different path.  I was madly in love, ready to get married, stay in a ‘sensible’ job, and have 2.5 children and a golden retriever.  But when the man

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