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December 2010

The Cookie Plate Journey: A Homey Story for the Holidays

Every year the holidays are chocked full of traditions: exhaustive shopping, caroling children, spiked eggnog, mistletoe parties…and in my family, decadent cookie plates.  From an early age I had learned that the greatest gift you could give someone else is something crafted with your own two hands. Bonus points if it contained high volumes of sugar and butter.  In San Francisco I typically dedicate one day to making multiple types

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Getting a Divorce at Walgreens: Is Commitment Passé?

Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  You naïvely ran through flower fields of bliss, believing your love to be unique, assuming it would last forever.   However as time goes by life often gets in the way.  Career prospects, differences of opinion, and the lure of other people’s bedrooms all too frequently make commitment a challenge. When I was 19 and still naïve I spent a summer

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Anti-Networking: Learning How to Really Connect

I was recently at a business social event when the host interrupted casual chit-chat over canapés to conduct 30 minutes of structured networking. At the mention of the word ‘networking,’ the whole crowd cringed. A few individuals retreated into hiding. Those that remained were instructed to follow the host’s three minute, three-step networking plan. 1- Find people in your industry. 2- Provide your credentials (MBA pedigree, fancy job title, net

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Adrenaline and Adventure: Interview with a Motorcyle Racer

After writing about the power of human connection it was time to live it. If I recall all my life journeys I was happiest when freed from societal convention and exploring other realities. I was also happiest when I walked out of the whirling mechanics of my own mind and entered another’s. Though a writing group, I had heard mention of another woman writer that defied all norms of what

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Get Offline: A Counter to Social Media

Something about dreary weather makes us all a bit melancholy.  On one such dreary day I was lamenting out loud to my sister-in-law.  Even though my online network made me look quite social, offline I was feeling isolated and lost.  Something was missing from my (un)wired world. She thought for a moment and then said, “You know there are these great inspirational stories I read that you may be interested

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