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January 2011

How to Stick to that New Year’s Resolution

According to the Opinion Research Corporation of Princeton, New Jersey, only 8% of people are always successful adhering to their New Year’s Resolutions. Daunting, yes, but with clever planning you may have a higher chance of making it… photo © 2009 stuartpilbrow | more info (via: Wylio)The holiday craze has finally ended.  New Year’s Resolutions that once gleamed brightly on our pedestals are now relegated to the back room, starting

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5 Home Remedies for Happiness

San Francisco is a bipolar city; its unpredictable fog transforms its inhabitants from melancholy to ecstasy in a matter of minutes. When the dense blanket wraps itself around the hills, it drenches the population in a wet cold, making their bones shudder. The non-stop drizzle depresses and people slink around inside, lamenting their lives, cursing the city, unable to cope with the gray. Luckily, the fog is a rather fickle

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Women on Top: Navigating New Gender Roles from the Boardroom to the Bedrooms

The ongoing debate of changing gender roles came up while on a Tahoe ski trip with my girlfriend Mazz.  As progressive women, we had braved the blizzard and the icy roads successfully. To congratulate ourselves we stopped in a German lodge to warm ourselves by the fire and drink spiced alcoholic beverages.  Unfortunately, our nightcap pit stop resulted in our car getting stuck in a snowdrift.  Not knowing how to

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Maximizing 2011-Making Choices to Improve Happiness

Do you have a friend that annoys you by constantly trying to seek out “The Best?” You know, the person that needs to read the menus of nine different restaurants before deciding to enter one? Or the person that needs to scope out the “scene” of a party before committing to it just in case there is another, better party down the road? Well, that annoying person may have been

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