Heidi Isern

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March 2011

From East Oakland To Entrepreneur to Ph.D

“You must meet CJ!” was the mandate from the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network.  Carolyn Johnson (CJ) had just started teaching business classes with the organization and was a self-made entrepreneur that had a reputation for inspiring others.  I never turn down the opportunity to chat with amazing women and hastily made plans to ring her. Upon answering the phone, CJ’s voice rang merrily into my ear like a jinglebell during the holidays.  “It’s

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Why Passion is Critical…as an Entrepreneur and as a Human Being

Passion has a bad reputation.  It’s known for making us reckless, illogical, and all too quickly extinguishing itself. However, I’d like to write an ode to the emotion and renew it as a crucial component of life.  It is critical for success as an entrepreneur and happiness as a human being. For Love not Money Woe is the girl that marries the man based solely on large pocketbooks.  After the 5 star wedding

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How To Network Like a Hottie

After an epic Tahoe trip last weekend I had an interesting opportunity to spend over six hours in a car with three tech entrepreneurs and “What they don’t teach you at Stanford Business School” writer Larry Chiang.  Squeezed five in the car with only fortune cookies to satiate us, we hungrily spoke about what most people would talk about—business and sex. Many times the two are hard to separate, especially

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Easy Steps to a Balanced Life-Interview with a Health Consultant

Last week I was trying to get a group of friends together for a meal out at a new restaurant. “I can’t. I’m on a cleanse,” said one. “If I weren’t too hungover from the last night, maybe,” said another. “I have a triathlon to train for,” was another reply. From raw diets to raves, San Franciscans live in a life of extremes.  After a night of vice we hastily

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