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April 2011

Happily Ever After??

Just forty years ago a woman was considered an old maid of she was single in her 30’s.  Now she’s considered savvy and independent…by choice. Tuesday night my friend Julie and I traveled to Stanford University to see a screening for the film, “Seeking Happily Ever After,” a documentary on single 30-something women in the United States.  The project was put together by Michelle Cove in attempts to paint a

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Interview with a Beauty Queen-Marilyn Jaeger

Success for many women isn’t a set formula, but rather an artistic creation that evolves from passion.   Marilyn Jaeger’s passion for beauty transformed not only her own life, but also the lives of others around her.  Marilyn is a renowned community supporter, spa owner and esthetician that had been written up by Bazaar, Lucky, Allure, and San Francisco magazines, all claiming her Brazilians to be the best.  Besides being quick and nimble, Marilyn mutes

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What Makes Us Happy?

Someone from a far off land wrote me and asked me what made me happy. This seems like an easy enough question to answer, but I quickly realized that many things one may think are states of happiness are really something else entirely.  Ego, flattery, even one too many vodka tonics confuse our minds.  Is feeling powerful happiness?  Is being liked happiness?  Or is happiness a state all in itself

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NOT Business As Usual: Applying TEDx lessons to my life

Last Saturday San Francisco beamed under a bright golden orb and everyone sprang outdoors in a jubilant dance.  I, however,  opted to forgo the outer ray of light in search of an inner one.  I spent my afternoon inside a dark auditorium of the TEDxPresidio conference, finding inspiration in other’s stories, fueling me to forget chart a new path for the rest of my life. The theme for this conference was Business 3.0: Not

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