Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

July 2011

A Lesson From a Blind Woman

Sometimes we need to slow down and refocus our line of vision on what really matters. It was 8 am on Sunday morning.  My head hurt from last night’s whisky and my internal rollercoaster of competing thoughts.  Career. Relationship. Life.  What did it all mean? And why am I always hungover? Ugh. I dialed up the happy beats on my ipod and stepped out into the soft morning fog to

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Why I Love San Francisco…Food, Sea, and Dreams

I moved to San Francisco seven years ago on July 4th after a decadent fling with her on a visit only two months prior. Before I met San Francisco, I had intended to relocate to Latin America.  I spoke its language, nightlife, and romance.  As an adventurous 20something, the United States bored me. However, my weekend visit proved that adventure, decadence and amazing fish tacos could in fact, exist domestically.

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