Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

September 2011

Interview with an Artist-Performance, Painting, and Perception

Why is it accepted for a woman to be stupid as long as she’s beautiful?” “Why can women be objects of desire in advertising but shunned if they seek contraception for casual love affairs?” “Why must women choose between a family and a career when men don’t have to?” These are the questions that Ana Teresa Fernedez paints. I first met the Mexican born artist at a cocktail reception for

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Diving In and Letting Go

Years ago I spent at lot of time in Toronto working for a large retail client.  During the project’s bone chilling winter, the project sponsor Anne and I became close.   We spent many afternoons braving snowy sidewalks to explore café menus and deep conversations. Our retail planning chit-chat quickly evolved to theories on friendship and love.  Perhaps it was from years of watching the seasons dramatically change, but Anne believed

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Desert Detox Lessons

“I need to redo my life, “I said. “You are always redoing your life,” said a friend But I wasn’t really redoing…I was just adding on.  I had accumulated too many projects, too many hobbies, too many identities.  Without focus I was becoming meaningless.  In the words of Robert Hanson, President of Levi’s North America, I needed to ‘edit and amplify.’ In order to kickstart the process I decided to

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From “Faux pen” to Open

“What is the best thing you have done with your life?” people ask. Without skipping a beat I cite a road trip I took across the US to interview women who defied convention.  In dim diners, tequila bars, and strip clubs I documented raw conversations that captured the depth of the human spirit and the vastness of our land. It has been a year since I embarked upon this so called

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