Heidi Isern

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October 2011

Lessons on Humanness; Reflecting 1 Year After the Roadtrip

It has been over a year since I traveled across America’s canvas to take down stories of “unconventional’ women.  I’ve re-read, I’ve reflected, and now it’s time to share some thoughts from my journey from its impetus to its end. 13 months ago, well before I knew how to work a GPS, I went to a cocktail party with beautiful women in form fitting couture.  They expressed their desire for

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Italian Pleasure: Lessons from Rome and Florence

Italy is a place where people go to eat, to love, and to slow down.  Pleasure comes in a variety of forms and not taking the time to enjoy it is regarded upon not just as careless, but inhumane.  I was only in the country for two weeks but hope to bring back a few lessons to my San Francisco world of fast and cold. Lessons from Italian Pleasure Be

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