Heidi Isern

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December 2011

Why we don’t have more women run start-ups.

Why aren’t more women run startups funded?  Because there aren’t more women run start-ups! According to Women 2.0, women found only 11% of technology companies.  The question remains: Whose job is it to change that? I recently went to LA to help conduct a panel with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs on the state of the economy.  Topics to be discussed included the start-up bubble, new accelerators, and financing options for

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Two Chicks, a Camaro, and Carla Bruni

Can we still get anywhere by taking the untraditional road? Thanksgivings prior our family played roles out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  Mom and I cooked for three days straight to make multiple courses from family recipes.  Dad sharpened knives for his customary meat carving duties.  My brother came in and out of the kitchen sampling the fruits of our labor…only stopping his role as chief taster to help my

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