Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

June 2012

Things Granny Says

From eating gumbo to playing poker to shooting whiskey, my Granny has taught me many life lessons. She was a true Montana pioneer-giving up her privileged past to move to the big sky country for adventure. I went back home to embrace the land, its people, and of course, my Granny. On a hot Montana night I left the town of Bozeman and headed east to meet up with my

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The Bitch Within

“Oh my God, Becky. Look at her Butt….” Sir Mix-A-Lot’s rap song, ‘Baby got Back’ begins with a dreadful, yet familiar female trait, the tendency to put other women down. Why do women do this to each other? What makes us so competitive that we can instantly turn from Snow White into Cruella de Vil? Are we insecure about our own abilities? Jealous that we may be usurped? Or perhaps

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My first drug conversation with my parents went something like this: Dad: “Well I know you are going to try something…so just do pot okay? Try it once, maybe twice, and get it out of your system. NOTHING MORE.” Obviously Dad had not been watching the DARE programs citing marijuana as a gateway drug. Mom: “You know, it just was a waste of time. Really, I was always more into

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