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July 2012

Top Ways to Get Over a Pity Party

I’ve kinda been a curmudgeon recently. Yeah, yeah I know my blog says that I write “inspirational musings” but trust me, that takes a lot of effort when the going gets tough. Have you ever had those low days when you just want to marinade yourself in self-pity and then stick your head in the oven? My girlfriend Mazz says that riding the (emotional) rollercoaster is always preferable to the

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5 Reasons Why Alcohol is Good For Your Soul

Ending both a relationship and job within the same time span can be very confusing.  There are multiple coping mechanisms: Crazy fitness streaks with boxing trainers and 5am power runs Exotic escapism journeys to meditate with shaven monks in unpronounceable lands Alcohol I decided to head up to Sonoma and embrace the third option. A friend had a large house that begged people to come and stay in it…and drink

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Life Lessons From Mexico: Waves, Love, Hula Hoops

“Way down here you need a reason to move…….Oh Mexico, You sound so simple, I just gotta go… The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home….” In San Francisco’s cold fog, no one forgets to go home. Even in July we rush indoors hoping for a fireplace and steaming cup of hot chocolate. And unlike most Mexicans, San Francisco’s type A tri-athletes need a reason NOT to move….like a

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4 Types of Breakups

In a passionate person’s life there are three things that are inevitable: 1. Writing bad poetry. 2. Quoting dead authors. 3. Crazy breakup sagas.Regardless of which side of the outcome you are on, breakups are miserable. I have had a few across multiple countries, personalities and outcomes with numerous learnings. There are lots of websites that guide you through the multiple breakup phases: Denial (i.e. pretending that he/ she’s  just on

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