Heidi Isern

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September 2012

Who You Meet, Who You Love, and Who Sticks Around

Your timing determines who you will meet in your life Your heart determines who you will love in your life Your behavior determines who will stay in your life       Your timing determines who you will meet in your life I used to scorn the concept of timing.  I was a romantic believing only in fate and destiny.  Plus when it came to time, I had loads of

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Healing a Sports Injury Without Turning into an Alkie

“Heidi, You are not 25 years old anymore.  You can’t just do the same things.”   My body, foot now in a cast, apparently hadn’t gotten the message.   Last year after my birthday I wrote an article called “F*ck the birthday pressure, I’m taking my time…” However this year I cannot help feel the pressure of aging as it is literally breaking me.   My right foot is in

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What Makes a Marriage Work?

Today is my parent’s 36th wedding anniversary.  I asked them how it lasts (I certainly have no idea).  According to them, it’s simple.  It’s the threads you weave together over the course of time.  People that know my parents find them the perfect blend of romantic, silly, and kind.  To some they seem perfect-they wear matching outfits, they ballroom dance, and they sail across the world discovering newness together.  They

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