Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

October 2012

Overcoming Decision Paralysis

We are all products of the choices we have made.  Perhaps this is why I have a difficult time making them.  I am a true maximizer in every definition of the word, always seeking to carve out the best possible outcome for myself.  If my choices dictate who I am, then I want to ensure I am the luxury version, not some cobbled together knock off product. I collect data,

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Why We Need Harems

  The word ‘harem’ often conjures up sexual visions where multiple female dancers hand feed a lone aging fat man grapes while twitching their finely tuned abdominal muscles and showering him with kisses.   However, in reality the word has nothing to do with men or sex or cheesy belly dancing outfits.  Harem is defined as a ‘sphere for women, a sacred inviolable place.’  It comes from the Arabic word

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