Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

November 2012

Abstinence and the City?

Manhattan is Broadway shows to some, intense shopping to others.  But to me it always a represented debaucheries and adventure in swank downtown clubs. Regardless if I traveled there for work or pleasure I always was sure to come back with a roaring hangover and amusing tales to tell my ‘smug married’ friends back at home.  If I had to sing for my supper I would do my best to make

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Obama Election 2008 vs. 2012: Remembering the Past and Continuing the Journey

On Tuesday we elected Barack Obama for his second term of presidency.  Four years ago I watched him win his first in the heart of Fillmore’s jazz district.  I was in a back booth of Rassela’s dark jazz club, the only blond head of hair in the joint.  I sat close by my date, a man I had recently met, drinking whiskey trying to look cool.   Fueled by election frenzy, we

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