Heidi Isern

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December 2012

From Baking to Seduction: The Inspiration of Christmas Carols

“I abhor holiday music.  It’s so commercialized and so annoying…” What?!   I felt as if I had been stabbed.  How could someone  have such an aversion to a lyrical outpouring of glee? Were the songs I sang at the top of my lungs every December just serving to destroy other’s eardrums?  Did no one else hear “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and temporarily stop to “dismay?!” I became defensive,

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Meditation and Thomas Keller

“Why don’t you a blog post on meditation?” asked a man I recently met.   “What is every executive in a company were required to?” he continued.  What would the world look like? How much petty bullshit and time wasting would vaporize….”   Clearly the man had pleasurable meditation experiences.  He didn’t know that I had tried it multiple times without much success.  If I were going to write about

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Finding the Elusive ‘Present Moment’

There is a time in everyone’s life where we worry, “Is this it?”  “Is this all I will ever be?”    Some compare themselves to successful moms with two published books and three well-behaved children. Others measure themselves against those written up in TechCrunch, IPOing on a successful company. Did we somehow mess up? Did we miss the boat? Should start an immediate auto correct plan?   Many take a

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