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5 Reasons Why Alcohol is Good For Your Soul

Ending both a relationship and job within the same time span can be very confusing.  There are multiple coping mechanisms:

  • Crazy fitness streaks with boxing trainers and 5am power runs
  • Exotic escapism journeys to meditate with shaven monks in unpronounceable lands
  • Alcohol
  • I decided to head up to Sonoma and embrace the third option. A friend had a large house that begged people to come and stay in it…and drink in it. All I needed to do was forgo my San Francisco weekend that was planned out in 55-minute increments. My city life was like a full stack of pancakes—each engagement right on top of the next. With one deft swipe of text messages I canceled my triple stack order to stay in Sonoma a bit longer and enjoy a simpler life, fully alcohol induced. If only people drank more they wouldn’t try to cram in as many activities into a day.

    Ah yes, there are many websites that go into why alcohol is bad for your health, but not near enough on how it’s good for your soul.  Here in Sonoma I feel it is my duty to defend alcohol and demonstrate how it is a positive antidote for our life troubles.  After all even Jesus was applauded for turning water into wine.  He knew we needed it to be happy.

    5 Ways How Alcohol is Good For Your Soul

    1. Ice breaker

    A drink is liquid courage.  After a sip of the strong stuff we are better able to co-mingle in mixed bars.  Everyone knows that it takes at least one round of drinks to get a party started.  Plus a beverage sure makes it easier to talk to the hot guy/girl in the corner.  If we all drank diet coke we’d still act like teenagers at a high school dance with boys on one side and girls on the other.  Or perhaps join the sober Hare Krishnas and never procreate.

    2. Law of Attraction
    Yup, after a few glasses of pinot everyone gets more attractive. The cynical would chide this as ‘Beer goggles’-but with wine (or beer) you’ll probably give people a chance that you wouldn’t otherwise. Plus something about a glass of wine in my hand makes ME feel more attractive. I’m not self conscious about my crow’s feet, or fearful that I’m going to say something stupid. The more wine people drink, the funnier (and younger) I become.

    3. Calm Mind
    I am a Type A through and through. Not one to waste time I typically have each Saturday morning maxed out with runs, brunches, and yoga…and this is all before noon. Saturday morning in Sonoma was different. *Slightly* wine hungover from the night before, I stumbled downstairs at 8am and decided that a run was not going to happen. Instead of forcing my muscles into action, I let them atrophy. I indulged in delicious literature over eggs and took my time to sip my coffee. I had nowhere to be. My body thanked me for its allowed slowness. I was happier in my underachievement that I had ever been trying to stay competitive.

    4. Food Indulgence

    Wine is best paired with food, allowing us a lovely excuse to dive into non-diet selections.  How many times did you allow yourself a full plate of hearty cheese and sausage meats without wine?  Right.  Wine is the magical elixir gives us permission to enjoy ourselves and take delight in life.  Bacchus, Roman god of Indulgence was celebrated not just for his wine making but also for his ability to free people ‘from their normal limited selves through ecstatic indulgence’.  Life is too short to behave all of the time.

    5. Social Celebration
    There is something celebratory about wine that bonds us. My first time drunk (age 14) was at a wedding in France with my mother. Rather than scold me she applauded as I brazenly danced and attempted broken French with the wedding’s selection of young men. “If you are going to drink,” she said, “this is the way to do it.” My first time wine tasting was many years later at another wedding in California. It just took two vineyard trips to permanently bond the two wedding parties over copious purchases of Cabernet. When I opened up a bottle years later all the happy friendship of the weekend filled my cup, making it taste even more delicious. Now in Sonoma for my hundredth time, I once again used the grape’s juices to celebrate life with two friends…one who is soon to get married herself. Eagerly clinking glasses, we cheered each other, we cheered the warm Californian sun, and we cheered the winemaker that made our taste buds dance with delight.

    “I have enjoyed great health at a great age because everyday since I can remember I have consumed a bottle of wine except when I have not felt well. Then I have consumed two bottles.”
    -A Bishop of Seville

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