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Following the Right Brain Business Plan

For many, creating a business plan evokes scary images of excel and mind numbing data analysis.  Some ‘creative types’ assume that a solid left brain coupled with a MBA is required for business success.  However, this isn’t the case at all.  In fact, according to Jennifer Lee, author of “The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success “ the right, not the left brain is the most valuable business asset. Whew!

I took my right brain downtown to meet the author.  Over a healthy lunch, Jenn insisted that creativity is very important, especially for entrepreneurs.  After all, creativity was what inspired Jenn to leave her corporate job and become one!

Honoring the Right Brain

Long before writing the “Right Brain Business Plan,” Jennifer lived in a world of left brains.  After pursuing a masters in Communications Management at USC, Jenn landed a traditional business role working for a large consulting firm.  However, she felt stifled in the environment. “It was an old boy’s network,” she said. “I thought to myself, I’m not a boy and I’m not old!” Many in these environments are encouraged to put creativity on the back burner.

Looking for change, Jenn participated in a series of life coaching sessions that helped her identify her goals and encouraged her to reconnect with her creativity.  “I started painting again!” she said. ” I also grew and got to know myself better. I realized that my (creative) way of being was good!” It was coaching that eventually encouraged her to start her own coaching business, Artizen Coaching.

I asked Jenn why she wanted to become a coach and she told me that it came out of her own transformative experience.  “I wanted to make a powerful difference in other people’s lives.”

How the Right Brain Business Plan Started

While building Artizen Coaching, Jenn  proactively focused on her career development.  Following her intuition, she made her first “right brain business plan” on her kitchen table. She started by decorating an accordion book with a vision board on one side.  “Then I decided to put in more of the left-brain details like a financial plan and marketing goals on index cards.” The project was more than a collage—it turned into Jenn’s plan for her business success.

After receiving positive feedback with her approach, Jenn started encouraging her coaching clients to create their own ‘Right-Brain Business Plan’.  After watching them succeed Jenn  created a hand-written and illustrated e-Book and spoke at various events and led seminars.  Many people tell her, “Right brain? You are speaking my language.”
Jenn couldn’t feel better about her work, “It’s so rewarding to see people own who they are.”

5 Tips for Taking your Life Forward-Both Parts of the Brain!

Although we didn’t have time for Jenn to give me a complete coaching session, she did provide me with 5 key tips for anyone wishing to take their life to the next level.

  1. Look in life to see where you are the most fulfilled.  Too many people are unhappy because they aren’t living in alignment with their core values or making choices that honor who they are.
  2. To see where you are fulfilled, experiment.  Try taking a class after work – maybe cooking, a new language, or anything that sparks your interest and lets you meet new people.
  3. Surround yourself with people that are supportive and trying to be what you want to be
  4. Pay attention to the stories that you tell yourself. If you say “That’s too hard” or “That’s too much money” ask if it’s really true and if there is a way around it
  5. When you are ready for a change, do it as an easy transition.  Start it as a hobby.

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