Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.


What I believe

To achieve success we must first understand how to move forward. I believe in having honest conversations to help uncover passion, truth and disruptive opportunities for both individuals and companies. Storytelling is how we use our voice. But first, we must find it.

What I do

I advise individuals and companies of all types and sizes to help them move forward. Whether you are a small business trying to find your brand ethos or a large corporation trying to communicate better to your employees, I can help. From strategic planning to business development to branding and storytelling, I can help you unleash your voice, better connect, and leap forward.

Who I am

I am a writer, thinker and whiskey drinker equipped with a MBA. I write for various publications from Quartz to Huffington Post and work to help people and organizations unearth their unique stories and live them. I serve as the Managing Director at Parliament, a place where Fortune 500 executives, renegade entrepreneurs and best selling authors come together to share ideas and experiment.  Previously I lead a portfolio of work at IDEO, a global design and innovation firm

Prior to joining IDEO, I founded my own strategic advisory firm where I designed growth strategies and product roadmaps for Fortune 500 firms and start-ups. I also partnered with San Francisco Accelerator RocketSpace, and helped grow their Corporate Innovation platform. Before I blazed my own trail, I worked as a consultant with Kurt Salmon, managing multi-million dollar fashion product development initiatives for large North American and Japanese clients.

I have a BA in Business Economics and a MBA from the University of Washington.

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