Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

April 2012

Not Thinking About Sex in a Monastery

Hedonism and asceticism have always been fundamental parts of American culture. Never able to completely stay true to one path, we take turns diving into each, using one to wash us from the pleasurable guilt of the other. In pursuit of a little of each for writing inspiration, I drove down Big Sur, California.  Big Sur was home of religious devotion, organics,  and the erotic novels of Henry Miller. Miller

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The Best Things in Life are Not Things

It’s been five months since I’ve written.  Not for lack of material, but rather lack of confidence.  Although I had proposals and manuscripts drafted, I couldn’t put them all together.  Fear of imperfection, fear of rejection, and fear of ultimate failure paralyzed me.  I was too frightened to go after what I most wanted in life.  Instead of writing I focused on things.  Job things, handbag things, other people’s imperfection

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