Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

May 2016

The Naked Truth of Getting Older

As a woman, I’m not supposed to like getting older. Society tells us that most of our worth is tied to our youthful looks. This generates a sense of panic among 30 something dating, all of us hoping to lock down a mate before we hit our expiration date. “Warning: Best Before 40.” Who knows what piles of mush we will become after that? Amy Schumer cleverly defined this cut-off

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The Talk No One Wants to Have

“It’s time we have the talk,” I said. “What talk?” Michael asked, knowing exactly what talk I was referring to. “You know, the Define the Relationship Talk.” He groaned. This talk, better knows as the DTR, carries more trepidation than going to your annual check-up right after a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. However, this particular DTR had nothing to do with romance. Michael was my client. He’d been leading me

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Good Naked vs. Bad Naked

“The thing you don’t realize is that there is Good Naked and there is Bad Naked. Naked hair brushing-good. Naked crouching-bad.” In this Seinfeld episode, Jerry dates a nudist and quickly realizes that naked can have a dark side. For example: crouching over the countertop while nude, eating a pastrami sandwich. Vulnerability is the new naked. The trendy topic, fueled by Brené Brown’swork, encourages us to open up and connect

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Open Up, Close More Deals

“Don’t cry at work. If you are upset, go home and cry in the shower.” This was the advice I once gave a female colleague when she was going through a hard time, leaking tears all over our Excel spreadsheets. It was 2006 and we were climbing the management consulting ladder. To be successful, I felt we should come to the office with both our suits and emotions steam pressed.

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