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June 2016

Why Don’t We Listen to our Gut?

  “Don’t listen to your heart. It will lead you down painful paths,” an old gypsy once told me, reading the fractured love lines in my palm. “Don’t listen to your mind. Its calculations will turn you cold,” commented an investment banker, showcasing his ringless hand. “Listen to your gut,” said a trusted colleague. “It always knows.” Does it? I was given ‘gut advice’ many years ago when deciding to

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Choice-Make One and Don’t Look Back

“Should I quit my job to travel?” asked a reader. “Definitely travel,” I replied. Like most people, I only dole out advice that justifies my own life choices. “I just don’t know what I’ll regret more,” she said. “Not preparing for a promotion or not taking time off for adventure.” She later reported that she had constructed an excel spreadsheet of pros and cons and the final count revealed that

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3 of the Best Life Lessons Learned from Dad

1. Don’t Talk, Plant a Tree Dad isn’t a big talker. When I call home, Mom and I gab for 56 minutes straight before she passes the phone to Dad for his 4 minute end cap. Dad, as usual, is engrossed in a Mariner’s game. “How’s them Mariners?” I ask. I know nothing about baseball. “Good,” he says. Silence ensues. We scramble for words, improvising topics as we go. Should

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When Lying is Better Than Truth

Last week, I lied to all of you. Ok, I didn’t lie. But I certainly didn’t share the whole truth, which is almost the same thing. An old friend pointed this out to me while we were catching up downtown. “Heidi, what the hell was going on in your last post?” Like any good friend, he knows when I’m not telling the “whole truth.” A glass of wine had loosened

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