“I thought I did everything right in life,” he said gripping his hair in his palms. “An ivy league school, a high profile job, the pedigreed woman. All gone. What happened? How the hell did I fall down the rabbit hole and end up here?”

Here? Well, HERE is the best place to be!

Take my hand

You good-hearted man

I’ll lead you completely astray

Through tangled vine gardens

And sea star skies

Night’s dark floods our day

The Cheshire cat

From the Spectificant tree

Grins wider than ever before

The mad hatter dances

A riverdance jig

Reciting nonsensical lore

Your life measured out

In silver spoons

Will become a fine antique

There’s a polish

Called ‘tarnish’ we can use

Rubbing spotless into batik

Have a swig

Of my pygmy punch

Feel the snap rush down your throat

Let it muddle your mind

’Til you’re pirate blind

On deck a skull banded boat

In this land

Your perfection plans

Get lost in the moonless night

No road signs to anywhere much

We’re all too drunk on pygmy punch

To know what’s wrong or right

Time to conjure

An interesting path

Failure’s in high fashion

Every wrong turn

Leads to a right

Where we unclothe passion

Linear life’s not

Thank God for that

More surprises to discover

Free your mind

From society’s grind

Trust me, my sweet mouthed lover.

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