Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

January 2014

So You Wanna Be a Model? A Few Tricks of the Trade…..

My fascination with models started at 14. My hair had just outgrown its tightly wound perm and my mother finally allowed me to get contact lenses to replace the hot pink coke bottle glasses that earned me the name ‘four eyed poodle’ in junior high. “Mom if I cannot get contacts I am going to DIE,” I had stated. And then-through Acuvue tinted lenses, my world changed. “I think you

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NonResolutions: NonImprovement Plans for the New Year

When the calendar reset button approaches, our mind madly scurries to find ways to quiet our deep longing for vice. “We will be better next year!” we exclaim and hastily create New Year’s resolutions to transform ourselves into a better, slimmer, calmer, happier, richer and more sober replica of ourselves. Many past New Year’s resolutions went something like this: “I will never drink again. Correction-I will never drink more than 1

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