Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

February 2013

Things Not Posted on Facebook

  A college friend came to visit recently and remarked, “Wow, you’ve really made it in San Francisco. I can tell from your posts on Facebook.”  Er.   That was right after another friend called me out for ‘humble brag’ on a recent post about a secret admirer.  I realized that yes, ok, perhaps I do showcase a fantastic life with romantic suitors, exotic travels, couture clothing, top exec meetings,

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How to Live Life and Love it!

The first message I received on Valentines Day went something like this: heidi,this is the first time I’ve looked at facebook in 5 months or so. i wanted to tell you that i love how much you live your life. few people ever live truly, and so most people might as well have not ever lived. But you live, i like that…..   Ok, well to level set, I am

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My Eulogy to Granny, the Isern Matriarch

I’ve written about my Granny more than any other subject.  She’s appeared in multiple blogs and stories, the fierce whiskey drinking heroine that tells the world to be ornery.  As her eldest grandchild, I wanted to read something at her memorial this weekend and I am, for once, having a hard time with words.  What do I say about someone that has shaped my life? What can I say to

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