Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

April 2016

Leaving Perfection – A Poem

“I thought I did everything right in life,” he said gripping his hair in his palms. “An ivy league school, a high profile job, the pedigreed woman. All gone. What happened? How the hell did I fall down the rabbit hole and end up here?” Here? Well, HERE is the best place to be! Take my hand You good-hearted man I’ll lead you completely astray Through tangled vine gardens And

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To Fall Out of Love, Do This.

“I want love on demand,” she said. My friend Sophia was going through another hard breakup, hoping to sedate her pain. “Take it away when it hurts, but deliver it when desired, straight to my door.” If only love were like Instacart. Last year the New York Times published an article that claimed answering 36 questions could make two people fall madly in love. All you needed was 50 minutes,

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Why He Won’t Marry You

Every spring romance beckons. Flowers bloom, lovebirds croon, and Facebook feeds sparkle with the diamonds of recent engagements. Marriage anxiety infiltrates the city, reducing our best citizens to jittery jello as they wonder when their number will be called. Men feel pressured to pop “the question.” Women feel pressured to have the question popped. Rightly or wrongly, the idea that someone will choose usfor the rest of our lives shapes

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Jump off the Career Ladder, Save Your Life

Our inboxes are constantly bombarded with LinkedIn status updates, asking us to congratulate our peers. However panic, not pride, is often the first reaction. “I should have been promoted to VP like the rest of my MBA class,” a man in an outdated suit lamented. “Had I not moved cities for my wife and took a lesser post.” “And I should have made Partner by now,” said the woman to

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