Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

February 2014

A Love Letter to my Liver

February 14, 2014 Dear Liver, It was always you. Other lovers, organs and parts have come and gone (oh, poor tonsils) but it is only you that have remained stoically in love and support of me throughout my trying life. Our journey together has been magical and this year, my dear liver, with a hearty glass of Cabernet, I’d like to toast us, our past, and our future.  Oh Liver,

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Superbowl Reflections: What I learned from a Cheerleader

Superbowl Sunday.The day of florescent cheese dips and smoky pigs parts. The day of cursing at irregularly shaped men sprinting in taut clothing. The day of “where have they been?” stars reappearing on expensive commercials, vying for our share of mind. They day of jersey camaraderie, hive fives, and booty dances. For me it was a different day. For me, it was ‘the day after’ a heartfelt goodbye. It was

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