In early December I polled my community to ask them a simple question.

If you could give any “thing” to anyone for Christmas, what would it be and why?

If you are looking for inspiration, read below. There are 4 days to get your gift under the tree. However, what most people long to give is something that cannot be wrapped.

What I’d like to give….

No canceled flights for everyone getting home to their families. Weather is horrific this year and that type of stress is so sad when people just want to spend time with loved ones. Save all the cancellations for suited business travelers in January. — Helen, United flight attendant

I’d like to have my brother acknowledge my sister. We’ve had a family feud for five years over our parent’s estate and it all seems so silly around the holidays. He hasn’t spoken to her in so long and all she needs for Christmas is 2 sentences from him. I mean, we’re a family. — Britt, Civil Engineer

I’d give Total Abiding Enlightenment to Donald Trump. Because that would be the raddest monkey wrench every thrown. And shyte — while I’m at it, the same to everyone else who “doesn’t deserve it.” Because the notion of deserving when it comes to enlightenment is complete horse hooey.-Newton, entrepreneur

I’d like to give my dad more business for his ol’ company. He used to build custom homes in middle america but his business hasn’t really gotten back up and running since the downturn in 2008 and he’s struggling. He’s most content when he is using his hands to work and he just hasn’t been able to do that. I worry about him. — Charles, real estate attorney

If I could play Santa I’d go around San Francisco with a big o’l bag filled with gifts of contentment. People in this town always think the grass is greener. It’s not. Take my friend Jimmy — lucrative banking career, loving wife, 2 kids….what no one knows is that his 15 year old son is clinically depressed and attempted suicide. These types of things don’t make it to facebook. So be appreciative of what you DO have instead of focusing on what you don’t…cause you don’t really know what you don’t have. — -Dean, investment banker

I was really impressed with the people of Nepal and their hearts. After visiting an orphanage and asking what we could do, they told us to not send gifts or financial aid but rather encourage everyone to visit them. They’d rather earn their money in tourism where they can share their beautiful country rather than taking charity. So I’d like to give everyone the gift of traveling to Nepal! — Jean, chemist

Well, health is #1 right? So then an instant cure for Cancer for my friend Holly …because it’s been a grueling journey. Nothing would make me happier than to see her well. — Molly, film producer

“Love. Love for all those splintered hearts out there. Heartbreak and loneliness is so sad when there are romantic songs and mistletoe hanging from every corner. I hope more lonely people run into each other under it.” — Kristen, decorator.

As you can see “anything” really wasn’t a “thing” at all. Kinda makes us rethink all this mad shopping doesn’t it? All people really want is love, understanding, health and family. It’s not too late! In the days that remain look for a new sort of Christmas gift to give someone you love, even if it’s just telling them what you’d like to give them. And if you want, share it here with all of us. We could always use more inspiration that warms our soul and better connects us to those around us.

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