Heidi Isern

writer. thinker. whiskey drinker.

March 2016

The Happiness Gamble: Settle or Hold Out?

A bizarre phenomena happens when urban Americans approach their mid 30s. A frantic mob of women in white lace rush through our cities, clamoring for the altar before it is “too late.” The casual observer may mistake them for a panicked stampede of white sheep rushing over a cliff. A few black sheep hang out by the sidelines, unsure of what to do. We don’t want to be left alone,

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Why You Cannot Find “The One”

** This post originally appeared on Medium and is being discussed there. If you want the juicy comments, highlights and rants, I suggest you follow me on Medium. But if you’re too lazy you can read my original text below. Unedited as always.** “Write about the search,” he said. “That’s what’s fucking killing everyone.” “The search?” Did he mean finding a new rent controlled apartment that wasn’t possessed by fruit flies? Or

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